Easy Way Hard Way

Easy Way Hard Way follows two characters dressed as clowns (both performed by me) and Juniper, the dog, dressed as a clown. These thre characters engage in interwoven experimental tasks without overt language or predictable plot. What unfolds is doubling and juxtaposition of behaviours, objects and locations; a grammar of

sorts. As with much of my work, the costumes/clothing are the dominant central “cultural” motifs which are coded sign systems unto themselves. Techniques include traditional dressmaking processes, customized digital textile prints and video.

This is a tale of power and who has access to power, exploring, at its core, how we ‘are’ in language. Strategically, I have chosen clown characters, who typically communicate through movement and expression without words, to emphasize the absence.

For this project I worked with Bethley Morrison (costume builder/sewer) and K. Tetlock (consultant and video and sound editor).

This project furthered my interest in expressing my love of clothing and textiles within an open, expansive, experimental and collaborative artistic practice. Easy Way Hard Way is my first attempt at making a single-channel video.

This project was produced with the generous support of Arts Nova Scotia.