Other People

The work I produced, Other People, for the exhibition Brave New World contains three distinct visual elements; text, a sense of the natural world, and a woman in a blue dress.  The installation includes a custom draped and constructed blue and white silk gown (referencing flamenco forms), and eight framed photos with myself posing with signage in various places in and around my home. In some instances props are introduced such as an arrow, a gazing ball, or a trampoline. Many of the text refer to the French philosopher Jean Paul Sartre’s statement, “Hell is Other People”.  These photographs are intended to appear staged, with a comfortable dualistic effect of the natural and the unnatural or anti-natural. A few of the images reference Narcissus and Caravaggio’s painting of Narcissus. The dress is presented along with the accompanying eight photos. For this exhibition we were asked to respond to post 9/11 world.  My response was simply to suggest what may have changed is how we think about “Other” people.