Palace of Illusion

This project directly correlates interiors to the body, specifically female form and clothing. The idea is a Cyclops “female” form, which due to its material nature is grounding and perhaps conveys a sense of nostalgia, humour, and objectification…literally and metaphorically.  When one looks through the hole in the box representing the head, there rests a small plastic representation of the Eiffel tower that lights up, and multiplies infinitely. There is a mirror at each end of the interior of the box.  My ongoing concerns and interest in relationship to crafting and crafted objects is the notion that all man made objects are externalizations of the body. I am interested in crafts relationship to private, more subjective spaces such as the home, as well as the relationship between thought/thinking and actions and materials.  One of the collected shelf objects include a 1950’s book titled, Having Fun With Boxes.  This recipe formatted book intended for boys, describes various manifestations and uses for boxes (match boxes, shoe boxes etc.).  One of the projects is titled Palace of Illusions. I would like to have and exhibition titled by the same name Having Fun With Boxes and utilize concepts and exercises presented in this book while at the same time contemplating ideas such as creation renewal, sexuality, home, politics, philosophy/aesthetics/materials, and our mysterious relationship with objects!