go on

Go on Living, Go on Loving, and Go on Dying

228 cm. H x 127 cm. W x 101 cm
cotton, cardboard sign, wooden dowel

Relating home décor and body dressing as parallel modes of our material history has been another ongoing theme in my work.  The sign “God Bless Our Mortgaged House” lies opposite to the dress on the wall entertaining themes and notions of place, ownership, body, home, nature…and the annihilating results of an outmoded economic theory which we have voluntarily subjugated ourselves to. The dress and hat have three slogans, or variation of the slogan repeatedly burned out of the 3 tiered cotton dress and hat: Go on Living, Go on Loving, and Go on Dying. The curtain simply states Go On. This text is from a work by artist/scholar Stephen Horne. The shape of this dress may change through various ties inside the dress.  The fabrics are dyed using natural dyes.  I am interested in communicating the transitionary nature of textile materials (i.e. not in a final finished state).  For this I wanted to create a three layered dress and hat, with a puffy, airy, cake quality.