Red, Black & White

243 cm x 182cm x 182cm wool, cotton, silk, mirror, metal and wood table, wood, lobster claw, wood, glass, paper

Red, Black and White, refers to an actual room in my house that is an inspiration for some of the work I create.  Essentially I am working with themes that concern the “spirit” of continuity, and concepts of matching. Like Louise XIV, Lillian Graves was interested in creating a unified interior, through colour matching and decor. Lillian and her husband Hugh built this little home in the 1940’s. From living in their personality filled space, I have discovered that the materials used were often found, in the sense that they did not cost money.  

For the gallery I selected a grouping of objects from the “real” room, which I then superimposed into the gallery space.  There is a quality of fiction in the gallery re-enactment but even more so in the “actual” room. I believe as Italo Calvino states, in levels or reality but not reality as such.

 I believe in levels or reality but not reality as such