two Tubes

Times two


This work is composed of two large forms, with tubes at each end. The material contrast of the two shape forms, allows variance in terms of movement, gravity, texture, tension and colour. Both are constructed from discard materials, one from white plastic salt bags, and the other from fine bits of wool from a friends warp ends.

My interested in cloth’s and clothing’s capacity to transform and be transformed motivated this project and enabled me to speak to ideas of transformation such as getting dressed, reversibility of (clothing) forms, pairings, relationships, inversions, movement and subject object relationships.

In this case the form has the capacity to perform the performer.
In thinking about the body as tubes, these sculptural interactive soft forms allow the two wearers to move through them, coming together and attached as one, and separating and unattached as two.

I conceived this piece a number of years ago. Gary Markle and I co-produced and choreographed this work for a wearable art show. More recently the work has been re-documented in the landscape near my home.

Two Tubes Times Two is performed by artists dancers, Jacinte Armstrong and Andrew Milne.

the form has the capacity to perform the performer