Live & Cooked

this dress is a little “off”

Live & Cooked relates identity and place, and the complexity, and messages found in the dis/comfort of the vernacular. I live in a community which relies on economic tourism. The original departure point for this project was the vintage “Live and Cooked” postcard I found as old stock in the local confectionary store. Live and Cooked included a shelf of touristic lobster inspired objects such as napkins, ceramic salt and pepper shaker, plates, mugs, silver spoon, pens, a broach, plastic wind up toys. Collecting has been part of my ongoing practice.

The dress is a little “off”. It initially appears symmetrical but there is asymmetry in all of the aspects of the patterning, the sleeves, the bodice darting, the draping and so on.The dress form sits on a routed board between two silkscreened words Live & Cooked possessing the capacity to roll back and forth between these polarities.